Kubota Riding Lawn Mowers

Reviews And Comparisons Of Kubota Raiding Lawn Mowers

The market for Kubota Riding Lawn Mowers is thriving at great deals depending on your financial budget.

This Manufacturing Company was founded in 1988 in America for the purpose of making landscaping equipment.

Kubota is known for its innovative lawn mowers and there is also a variety of spare parts available ensuring that the consumers do not strangle in the process of replacing a spare part.

Kubota maintains a strong reputation for reliability, great performances and durability of machines in the market.

Their products including the lawn mowers have a solid buying value due to the versatility of their offered features other than just mowing the grass.

Kubota Riding Lawn Mowers are types of riding or ride-on lawn mowers which can be the riding lawn mowers or the lawn tractors.

Riding lawn mowers are used for residential, consumer and commercial purposes i.e. local authorities, sports stadiums, home lawns, universities, etc.

Riding lawn mowers are ideal for areas bigger than 10,000 square feet.

Among other brands, Kubota has also maintained its strong position in manufacturing reliable and durable lawn mowers and tractors.

Riding lawn mowers are good for maintaining a beautiful lawn whether it is a home lawn or acres of grass field.

4 series

Kubota Riding Lawn Mowers have been introduced in the market under 4 series having different models.

The 4 series include the F series, GR series, T series and the ZD/ZG series, all having different models with different specifications.

All the series have HP from minimum 18.0 to maximum 36.0.

The T series are exclusively designed for residential lawns and meets most of the requirements of home owners having 18.0 HP to 23.0 HP.

The models of these series have hydrostatic transmission, deep mowing decks and a variety of engines that can be chosen. T series models include T1880, T2080 and T2380.

GR, F, T, ZD/ZG series

Kubota GR2100 lawn tractor
Kubota GR2100 lawn tractor
The GR series of Kubota Riding Lawn Mowers are designed for professional or corporate users;
they are the innovative products of Kubota built with advanced technology supporting the revolutionary technology of 'Glide Steer'.

The GR series include two models i.e. GR2010 and GR2110 having 20.0 HP to 21.0 HP.

The Z series include ZD and ZG series which are subcategorized into Z200 and Z300 series.

These series are forms of riding lawn mowers known as the zero turn mowers which are the best high end mowers making easy for the users to mow around obstacles.

The Z200 series include ZG222, ZG227 and ZD221; Z300 series include ZG327, ZD321, ZD323, ZD326 and ZD331. All the models under the Z series have HP of 21.0 to 31.0.

Finally, the Kubota Riding Lawn Mowers fourth set of models comes under the F series.

These series have a minimum of 25.5 HP and a maximum of 36.0 HP.

These mowers are designed for the purposes of both residential and commercial.

F series have three models which have versatility, traction and power.

F series include three models i.e. F2680E, F3080 and F3680 with abundant horsepower, traction of four wheel drive, good mower decks and also have several optional features to offer.

Negative Aspects

However, not everything about this model is considered perfect. There are some negative aspects of the model as well. Kubota lawn mowers and tractors are generally rated very well for bagging and mulching but its side discharging system is something that users are generally found complaining about yet it remains easy to handle.

The T series works great for residential lawns, are quick and versatile.

The G series are good for commercial uses and rated as most durable tractors, smooth to ride and can handle heavy duty jobs well.

Kubota gives immense weightage to the safety of its users and has therefore recently taken several steps to improving upon this aspect.

Kubota Riding Lawn Mowers comes with the product manual having a detailed safety section; as Kubota wants to make sure that the user knows the product well before using it because they are designed and built keeping in view the safety requirements of all types of the users.


Kubota Riding Lawn Mowers may not be as popular as other brands when it comes to innovative and advanced technology but they still have maintained an image of good lawn mowers at the best affordable rates and the Z series are rated the best among all the series for residential and commercial lawn areas.



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