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Reviews And Comparisons Of Kubota lawn mowers

Real benefit of Kubota lawn mowers over a the competitors is liquid cooled diesel engine.
Kubota lawn mowers are available in push, ride on and zero turn.

Kubota has a lot of subsidiaries in Japan and US

Kubota's lawn mowers are viable alternative in case, you are looking for the new ride on as well as must not be your final stop after searching major brands - though I think that you would get convinced even then.

Real benefit of Kubota mowers over a the competitors is liquid cooled diesel engine - and that is right, I said 'diesel' - that give 21 horsepower.

The diesel engines are more efficient and need less of maintenance than the petrol guzzling parts.

Also, they work cleaner and for people who love petrol powered mowers, then Kubota will accommodate you with G2460 model giving more of grunt with own 24hp engine.

Kubota lawn movers are large group of companies with origins in Japan -land known for the cutting edge innovations.

A lot of Kubota subsidiaries are in Japan and US.

Among them company making the outdoor equipments is Kubota Tractor Corporation.

Kubota are makers of both commercial and residential lawn mowers.

Those mowers are good piece of the engineering designed for specific requirements of demanding clients.

Residential mowers are been classified in 2 categories:
  • GR Series mowers,
  • T Series mowers.

Why you must buy those lawn mowers?

In conclusion, the Kubota lawn mowers are feature rich, powerful, user friendly as well as durable models.

Every series is made for particular group of the users.

With design and features well suited for lawn and user category, and this is truly great lawn mower company.

Never forget to check Kubota Riding Lawn Mowers - that are under T-series brand name.

T Series Mowers
Kubota T series are riding lawn mowers and these are the low to the medium end mowers with 18 - 23 HP of the engine power.

These come with a few interesting features:

Hydrostatic Transmission
This transmission makes handling of a mower smooth and precise.
The series of mowers also comes with single pedal making speed changes simpler.
Also, there are not any clutches to fight with while you are mowing.

Cutting Height
This is controlled by turning the knob that is below operator's seat.

Mower Deck Adjustment
In case, you would like to lift mower deck, whereas you are riding and not mowing, and you may do this with simple pull and push of a lever.

Models have the larger rear tires for good tracking or control.

High seat that helps to fit various types of the operators and gives better view of a lawn.

Suspensions in the mower are first of the kind and give good comfort to a rider.

Cut Grass Disposal
It comes with 3 options and cut grass is discharged through discharge opening, and bagged while you connect bagging unit to discharge opening and mulched while you close discharge opening.

GR Series Mowers

Kubota GR2100 lawn tractor
Kubota GR2100 lawn tractor
GR series is clearly high end one from Kubota and that comes with higher engine powers; and ranging from around 20 - 21 horse powers.

Models also come with two or three cylinder gas engines that is delivering the high performance service.

Thus, you may mow longer and cut taller grass with a lot of ease.

Great feature of powerful mower models is they are well equipped with the Hydrostatic power steering.

And with 48" to 54" deck sizes, and it is not at all surprising you may tackle the larger lawns very easily.

There is separate mulching kit that is available with the triple blades and this will mulch grass better leaving healthier and cleaner lawn.

Kubota as well makes very good mowers, which are been used for the commercial and the residential purposes.

These generally tend to come with more of power and other special features that are required for bigger mowers.

F Series Mowers

Kubota F3080
Kubota F3080
Kubota F series mowers are made for both commercial and residential use.

With the high power 26 - 36 HP bigger lawns, the taller grass and the tough terrains are handled with ease.

Four wheel drive makes model just perfect for the imperfect terrains.

Unit has a lot of other features such as PTO shaft drive, large fuel capacity, 5.5" mower deck, the swivel anti-scalp wheels as well as wider tires.

Halogen headlights also allow the night time operations or dim light operations as well.

Z series Mowers

Kubota Z300
Kubota Z300
Finally, there is a Z series range which is Kubota zero turn mowers.

Once again, it is high power mower for the residential and the commercial applications.

It also comes with 21HP - 31HP, diesel engine for good durability as well as performance.

Reviews Of Kubota Lawn Mowers

Kubota Riding Lawn Mowers - known for its innovative lawn mowers
Kubota is known for its innovative lawn mowers and there is also a variety of spare parts available ensuring that the consumers do not strangle in the process of replacing a spare part.



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